• BOLT

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    Mechanical parts, cylindrical threaded fasteners with nuts. A fastener consisting of a head and a screw rod (cylindrical body with external thread).
  • NUT

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    The nut is a part that tightly connects the mechanical equipment. Through the inner thread, the same size nut and bolt can be connected together.

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    Screws are the physical principles that utilize the circular rotation and friction of the bevel of an object. Tool for stepwise fastening of objects.

    WASHERS more>>

    The flat pad is mainly punched out with iron plate. The shape is generally a flat washer with a hole in the middle.

    STUD BOLT more>>

    Used to connect the mechanical fixed link function, the stud bolts are threaded at both ends, and the middle screw is thick and thin.

    THREAD RODS more>>

    Threaded rods is a rod with full thread.Unlike the stud, the lead screw is not limited to the thread length limit and is convenient to use.

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