• Here’s Exactly What It Cost Me To Buy And Rebuild A BMW E30

    It all started 14 months ago with a straightforward objective: buy an older BMW 3 Series in need of some work, make it fully functional, and freshen up its appearance. It was a process I’d done before, and one that I’m sure I’ll do again. However, this time I greatly underestimated what I was get...
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  • nylon lock nut

    Lock nut is a kind of nut widely used in machinery and other industries. Its working principle is self-locking by the friction between nut and bolt. However, the reliability of this self-locking in dynamic loads is reduced. In some important cases, we will take some anti-loose measures to ensure ...
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  • Global Drywall Screws Market – Industry Outlook and Forecast 2019-2024

    The Drywall Screws Market report provides an unbiased and detailed analysis of the on-going trends, opportunities/ high growth areas, market drivers, which would help stakeholders to device and align Drywall Screws market strategies according to the current and future market. The report firstly i...
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  • A single $7 gadget might replace half the clutter in your toolbox

    Do you remember how quickly you filled with irrational rage the last time you had to dig through your toolbox to find the proper socket size to tighten a nut? It might be irrational, but it’s also inevitable… even when you clean and organize your toolbox, things end up shifting around and getting...
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  • Global Self Drilling Screws Market Regional Landscape, Production, Sales & Consumption Status and Prospects 2019-2024

    Self Drilling Screws market report provides a comprehensive overview of current trends and new product development in the global Self Drilling Screws market. Featuring global and regional data and over top key players profiles, this report provides the ultimate guide to exploring opportunities in...
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  • J/I/9 Type Foundation Bolts

    J/I/9 Type Foundation Bolts

    When the mechanical component is mounted on a concrete foundation, the J-shaped and L-shaped ends of the bolt are embedded in the concrete. The tensile strength of the foundation bolt is the tensile strength of the round steel itself. The size is equal to the cross-sectional area multiplied by th...
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  • Handan Liqi fastener manufacturing Co.,Ltd. ‘s development history

    Handan Liqi fastener manufacturing Co.,Ltd. ‘s development history

    The general manager of Handan Liqi fasteners is Guo ChaoFeng, who was born in Yongnian county, Handan city, the hometown of fasteners in China.  He majored in mechanical engineering in college. After graduation, he returned to his hometown and decided to engage in the development of fastener indu...
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