Croatia COVID-19 Health, Travel & Stats Live Updates April 3, 2020

April 3, 2020 – A Croatia COVID-19 overview of the latest health, travel and stats news on the coronavirus crisis, with live updates in English, powered by

There are currently 1079 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 68 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 92 patients have recovered. An eighth person has died. 39 patients are on ventilators. There are 979 active cases.

You can now track the progress of the curve of cases and recoveries on the official homepage. (You can also follow it into the English version here, which has less content but covers the essential information).

Note that is now mapping cases by county instead of town/city. will update their map after the 14:00 CET daily press conference.

Index also has a very useful breakdown of cases by town and city. Please note that these numbers may not correspondent to the total number, as the locations of some cases are usually confirmed later. We will update this information as we get it.

Index has now added two more stat counters – unemployment numbers and a more detailed look at the curve with new cases by day. .

More than 53,236 people are dead from the virus, which originated in Wuhan City, China. Over 1,016,310 cases have been confirmed globally. USA has the highest number of recorded cases (245,373) and Italy the highest number of deaths (13,915) deaths.

UPDATED: April 2, 2020 – 08:00 CET – With apologies in advance if the translations are not perfect. With very limited resources and plenty of pressure, we are trying to get the updates done as quickly as possible, so a little help from Google Translate is necessary. We thank you for your understanding.

17:13: In the first quarter of this year, 47 applications were received in Croatia for the use of investment support from the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, with the planned creation of 686 new jobs, the ministry announced on Friday.

Of these, 39 applications are for small and medium-sized enterprises, with an estimated investment value of more than HRK 500 million, with the planned creation of 551 new jobs. The remaining 8 applications are related to large enterprises, with an estimated investment value of almost HRK 1 billion, with 135 new jobs planned.

Thus, the total planned investment amounts to almost HRK 1.5 billion, with the planned creation of 686 new jobs, the statement said.

16:45: HRT is slapping itself on the back for being the most-watched television broadcaster. They forget to mention that they are broadcasting the nation’s school lessons. More on Index.

16:00: At today’s conference, Alemka Markotic described the testing procedures in detail. More on Index.

15:54: CES Director General Krunoslav Capak commented at today’s National Crisis Headquarters press conference if there were any major coronavirus focus areas in Croatia. More on Index.

15:53: ​​Gospic Mayor Karlo Starcevic announced at a news conference on Friday that part of the costs of entrepreneurs covered by the work ban would be irrevocably taken over by the City of Gospic, totaling HRK 1.5m.

This is the amount planned in the budget for 2020 to support entrepreneurship, and given the new situation, it is being diverted for liquidity, that is, for running costs.

15:40: A police officer from the Bjelovar area is the sixth person confirmed to have a coronavirus infection in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County, civil protection staff said on Friday.

In the headquarters, five people were tested for the virus in the last 24 hours, and one finding was positive, namely the police officer.

Employees of the Health Center and Bjelovar General Hospital were presented with protective visors, made by the staff of the County Institution for Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities “Souvenir Arbor” and members of the city’s Community of Technical Culture.

Protective visors can be used multiple times, and today they have been handed around 20, which is only the first part of the shipment.

“The coronavirus pandemic is a test for all of us, and together we can do far more,” said Mayor Damir Bajs.

15:20: Police have recorded a total of 1,053 cases of violations of self-isolation and 45 cases of violations of the decision to operate catering establishments, Interior Minister and Head of the National Civil Protection Headquarters Davor Bozinovic reported on Friday.

14:54: Four new COVID-19 cases have been reported in Koprivnica-Križevci County, bringing the total number of infected to 16, with two people being discharged from hospital treatment and according to the protocol so far, they are in home self-isolation for 14 days, said to Ratimir Ljubić, Chief of the Koprivnica-Križevci County Civil Defense HQ, at a press conference today.

14:53: Google data reveals drastic changes in Croats’ habits due to the coronavirus. Read more on Index

“As for people on ventilators, there are no changes in our clinic compared to yesterday. One person is on a ventilator, we do not know if he is COVID-positive. Professor Zovak declared that he was positive,” Markotic said.

“Everyone who has been in social contact with Zovak for the past 48 hours will be in isolation,” Capak said.

The figures for health care workers were reported: 145 employees who are employed in the health care system who are positive. These are eight pharmacists, 10 dentists, 8 administration staff, 61 medical doctors, 44 nurses.

“Some of these doctors have been transferred to their families. To my knowledge, none of them are seriously ill. Everyone is looking forward to returning to their jobs,” Beros said.

“As of this afternoon, companies seeking e-passes will be able to do so in bulk. The company submits it to the competent ministry through an application,” Bozinovic said at the end.

“For this week, this headquarters, through various formats, has been considering what options are available to put this important segment of our economy into operation, which is not easy. However, the issue of individual solutions and ways of solving them are all discussed here. Drive-in is something that Capak put on paper a few days ago as a topic to talk about,” Bozinovic said.

“The test is never taken on its own. The purpose of the doctors doing the diagnostics is to know the complete picture and then the findings are interpreted. As for the tests themselves, for all those labs that came through the ministry, they were supervised. The tests are not all the same,” Markotic said.

14:20: ”One person in our clinic is on a ventilator, but we’re still waiting for the results of tests to be positive for the coronavirus,” said the director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic ‘Dr. Fran Mihaljevic’ Alemka Markotic.

14:12: Beros commented on the situation in Split, and especially the criticisms that came from Dalmatia.

“We will never stop emphasizing the importance of self-discipline. This mustn’t happen again in Split. The only way to end the pandemic is to act responsibly,” he said.

Bozinovic said that since the Headquarters had enacted measures, there had been 45 violations. In Split – Dalmatia, 14 cases were reported. There are 10 cases in Zagreb County. These are the two counties with the most such cases.

“None of us enjoy these measures. But if we liberalized them, the situation would not be under control,” Minister Bozinovic said.

“On the one hand, health comes first, and only those who have to travel need to travel. We have issued over 192,000 e-passes electronically. 100,000 every day. Thus, epidemiological measures make no sense. I urge employers to be strict about issuing passes. About 4500 requests for passes have been rejected,” Bozinovic said.

Health Minister Vili Beros announced that in the last 24 hours, Croatia has 68 new patients. A total of 1,079 cases have been confirmed in Croatia.

Another person has died at KB Dubrava. The fatality is a woman who was born in 1935 and had several chronic illnesses.

13:21: There are no new coronavirus cases, the number of patients in the Karlovac County is still 70, Chief Anđelko Ferek Jambrek reported. There are 31 positives in Pregrada, 14 in Krapina, 8 in Hum na Sutli, 4 in Zabok, 4 in Oroslavje, 2 in Donja Stubica, and one each in Jesen, Radoboj, Jesen, Desinic, Krapinske Toplice and Petrovski.

13:15: ”In Karlovac County, 24 people have contracted the coronavirus. Unfortunately, one person has passed away and we have one new case. It is a close contact, a family member of an already ill person who has previously been in self-isolation. In Karlovac OB, 7 people are hospitalized, 14 are under home treatment and 1 is being treated at the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Zagreb. The condition of patients in Karlovac General Hospital is stable. 44 contacts with those infected are still under administrative control.”

13:15: Međimurje County has no new cases and, with two infected, is the county with the fewest cases in Croatia, Matija Posavec reported.

12:51: There are no new cases in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County since yesterday, a total of 51 people are infected, four have recovered, and several more are expected to be declared healthy, according to the County Civil Protection Headquarters on Friday.

12:30: KBC Director of the Sisters of Mercy Mario Zovak is positive for the coronavirus, he confirmed in a telephone interview. He feels good and is in isolation. More on Index

11:44: According to a query from parents, the Clinic for Pediatric Diseases at Klaiceva said on Friday that emergency pediatric surgical activities are being performed at the facility within the Joint Emergency Hospital Admission, with all related diagnostic activities.

11:36: In the area of Split-Dalmatia County, there are 13 more coronavirus-positive cases – Split 3, Solina 4, Muć 2, Kaštela 2, Sinj 1 and Otok 1. These are mostly home contacts with an infected person. Among the infected are 2 health care professionals, one from KBC Split and one from the NZJZ. All new cases are in good general health. Out of the total number of infected, 40 are health professionals, according to Split.

11:08: Sibenik police are closing the promenade for the weekend, they will monitor Riva and Bacvice in Split. More on Index

11:01: Seven new cases in Osijek-Baranja County. They were all in isolation. In total, 81 are positive, six of them are on ventilators.

10:54: “Given that sunny and warmer weather is announced on the weekend, we would like to draw our attention once again to the measures in force. This Decision applies to restricting movement on streets, squares, waterfronts, parks and all other public areas where a large number of people can move and rest.

Once again, we urge you not to stay in large numbers in all public areas where more people can move and stand.

We know that Žnjan, Bacvice and the waterfront of Split were the favorite places for citizens to gather, but in this situation, you cannot stay in these public areas. Especially not in large numbers because then you are not able to adhere to the rules on the distance between persons,” the Split police said.

10:52: There are no new COVID-19 patients in Virovitica-Podravina County, the Civil Protection County Headquarters reported at a news conference on Friday.

10:51: In the Vukovar-Srijem County, there are three new coronavirus cases, all three from Nustar and family members of a previously hospitalized patient, and a total of 17 patients in the county, the County Civil Protection Headquarters reported Friday.

“The promenade through the St. Anthony’s channel will be closed on the weekend. Since it has been observed that in some places in our area there is a significantly increased risk of COVID-19 transmission, and in order to reduce the possibility of further spread of the disease, The promenade through the St. Anthony’s channel will be closed on the weekend. We urge citizens to respect this decision and thus contribute to their own safety and the safety of others,” the Sibenik police said.

10:19: “We have two new positive cases, one result came last night, one this morning. There are 10 in total,” said Stjepan Bosnjakovic of Brod-Posavina County.

10:13: Minister Beroš will be at the Zadar press conference, as he visited the Zadar hospital. There are three new cases in Zadar, bringing the total to 50 people. The Civil Protection headquarters sent a container and a tent to be mounted in front of the Zadar Hospital.

One newly infected person is attached to the Biograd hospital, two others are not attached. There are 19 patients in the hospital. Three of them are in poor condition, two of them ended up at the Intensive Care Unit, one patient has been there before.

“Each of us can do something for ourselves. I came to support everyone here. We are all together, we will give certain solutions. I appeal once again to the citizens to stick to the measures, because that is the only way we will return to a normal life. There are times when the elderly are more likely to contract the disease, but a slightly younger population has emerged that is severely ill. I advise young people to be responsible because they may have a more severe clinical picture.

I said that there was an increased responsibility on doctors and all staff. I appeal to all healthcare professionals who are responsible for ensuring that they continue to be so, and everyone else.

We are doing everything we can to ensure an adequate number of respirators, we do not have a magic wand, but if they act socially responsibly, I hope the need for them will be no more than what we plan.”

Mladen Novosel, head of the Union of Independent Trade Unions of Croatia, complained that the unions were unable to participate in the negotiations on the first set of measures and that only two months ago a campaign was launched by employers seeking to relieve them of giving to the state so that they could give more to workers, to preserve them because there was not enough of them.

“And when the crisis came overnight, this was all forgotten. If the goal was to preserve jobs and one economic integrity and complete payroll for workers, then it is improbable that over 400,000 workers would receive only that minimum wage! If HRK 40bn burst into the economy, if companies with business problems and a drop of 20% will receive HRK 4,000 per worker and contributions, how is it possible that they will not pay the worker a full wage? There, in making these decisions how and who will help, the overall control over the use of funds was missing,” Novosel said.

10:03:  A doctor at Split’s Križine Hospital, which houses critically ill coronavirus patients, was angered and provoked by the indiscipline of fellow citizens. He recorded a video which was published on social media.

9:19: There are no new cases in Istria today. “Of the 28 swabs tested, all were coronavirus negative (COVID-19). There are no new patients, and three patients have been cured. In the County of Istria, we have a total of 7 cured,” the Istrian County Civil Protection Headquarters said this morning. 29 new samples were taken due to suspected coronavirus (COVID-19) and submitted to a laboratory in Zagreb,” Glas Istre writes.

8:42: The Minister of Administration, Ivan Malenica, urges employers to ask for passes only for employees traveling outside the place of residence, there is no need to ask for everything, he adds. It urges citizens to seek passes only in emergencies to relieve the civil protection headquarters system, he said this morning on the program Good Morning, Croatia on HRT.

8:35: Today’s press releases from the Krapina-Zagorje County Civil Protection Headquarters will be at 11:00. There are 70 cases in that county so far.

8:28: The Croatian government has also secured a repatriation catamaran for the return of Croatian nationals from the Italian port of Ancona, with departure scheduled for Sunday, April 5th.

8:27: “We have enough ventilators, and I believe that no patient has had a fatal outcome due to a deficiency of ventilators. I am sure to tell you that there are no hospitals in the world that have enough ventilators for something like this happening now.

The best prevention is keeping up with epidemiological measures. It is an opportunity to say a big thank you to Croatian society. The number of infected depends on us.

A bizarre example from Zapresic where parents took their children to the cemetery to play in the sand. “This is unacceptable behavior. So far there have been no cases among children, but now we have an increasing number of cases among children, there have been several deaths in the world. People of middle and younger ages shouldn’t think they are not at risk. We have 5 people between 35-45 years old on ventilators, they are seriously ill. We must not play. In the war, we all sat closed in for months, which we cannot now endure for a while in the comfort of our own home, with all that we have.”

8:17: Alemka Markotic, Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic “Dr. Fran Mihaljevic”, Davor Bozinovic, Minister of the Interior, and Krunoslav Capak, Director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health answered questions last night.

Capak said no one knows and cannot say. “We tried to model situations with the speed of virus transmission, population sensitivity, and concluded that the epidemic would peak in a few weeks. Then it would start to decline after the standstill phase. We estimate that these figures may be more favorable for our country in early June; that in early June the numbers of the sick and those in self-isolation could be favorable for Croatia,” Capak said.

Markotic said: “Let us take care of our children, ourselves, our grandparents,” and she had a special message for people in Dalmatia to stay home. “If people in the south stay home, we might have a season.”

8:00: There were 48 new cases yesterday, half than the day before, which, according to the Minister of Health, is optimistic but said we couldn’t relax.

The death toll has increased to seven after a 90-year-old man died in Dubrava KB, one person is more on a ventilator, bringing the total to 35, and 88 or 15 more recovered than the day before..

There are currently nine sick police officers, and 57 doctors, 10 dentists, 53 nurses and technicians, six pharmacists and eight administrative staff infected among healthcare professionals.

06:35: Today’s numbers will be announced at the 14:00 press conference and updated shortly after on TCN.

06:30: Welcome to today’s live feed. We start the day with 1,011 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 48 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 88 patients have recovered. A seventh person has died. 34 patients are on ventilators. There are 916 active cases.

New Viber Update Service from Croatian Government – 400,000 Followers in First 24 Hours. Here is How to Join.

As of midnight on March 19, 2020; crossing the border of the Republic of Croatia is temporarily restricted. Croatian citizens and residents will be allowed to return to Croatia, which means that they may go to the country where they work and reside and must follow the instructions and measures of the Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ) upon their return. These measures went into effect at 00:01 on March 19, 2020 and are valid for 30 days. More information and exceptions here.

Also as of March 19, 2020; it is compulsory to strictly adhere to anti-epidemic measures and strict social distance measures. A strict measure of social distance requires avoiding close personal contact at a distance of at least:

The anti-epidemic measures required according to this decision include a ban on holding all public events, gatherings of more than 5 people in one place and the suspension of all retail and trade activities. EXCEPTIONS and details can be found here. These measures were strengthened today March 21, 2020. Residents are being ordered not to leave home except to get food or medicine.

18:28: IDS President Boris Miletic on Thursday expressed his satisfaction that the Government had accepted the measures proposed by IDS two weeks ago, and ‘although not all our requests have been adopted’, he said, “we can still be satisfied “.

“The government needed to respond more quickly. What we learned from the countries that were the first to be hit by the coronavirus epidemic is that rapid and decisive responses have yielded the best results. We should apply this approach to the economy as well, which we tirelessly emphasized from day one of this emergency.”  the IDS president said.

18:27: The Ministry of Agriculture reported on Thursday that the European Commission has backed Croatia’s request regarding the issue of financial support for fisheries, severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

“Intensive cooperation with the EU institutions and Member States has resulted in a package of measures proposed by the European Commission, which includes support for the implementation of a temporary cessation of fishing activities and the award of compensation to freshwater and marine fish farmers and shellfish for temporary suspension or production reductions for the epidemic of Covid- 19, “the statement said.

18:23: The president of the Independent Croatian Trade Union, Kresimir Sever, said that the Government’s package of measures is good, but that it also carries a lot of questions and that many problems still need to be resolved.

17:51: The largest Pula roundabout at the entrance to the city in support of the fight against coronavirus has been illuminated in yellow, thus symbolically pointing to the ‘yellow-black flag’, which is an international mark of quarantine on ships, the city of Pula announced.

17:44: About seven days after the trip to Turkey, which saw more than 160 people from all over Croatia, it turns out that 11 passengers were infected with the coronavirus. That number has climbed to 42 in the last few days.

Among them are several people infected in Istria who have been in hospital for three weeks. More on their story on Index.

17:30: Two coronavirus positive people are employed at Makarska Vodovod. One worked in the financial department and the other in a warehouse.

“There are never enough warnings and calls for adherence to measures to prevent and stop the spread of coronaviruses. Today, due to the irresponsible and selfish behavior of individuals, we have seen what is NOT allowed – to gather in closed catering establishments. With every risky behavior and violation of measures adhered to throughout Croatia, such individuals primarily endanger their own and their loved ones’ health.

I understand everyone who finds it difficult to be indoors, I have not spent as much time in my entire life as I have in recent weeks, but I cannot understand that we are playing so easily with the health and lives of ourselves and our loved ones. Whichever state and whichever city tried the ‘will not be me’ tactic ended in disaster. Young people are literate online, can see pictures and news from Italy. Have them call their friends in Milan or Bergamo. Let’s not play with this. Let’s stay home! “.

17:25: Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic told Zagreb residents that city services and the City of Zagreb are behind them in rebuilding their homes damaged in the recent devastating earthquake, but that the City does not want to participate in a knee-jerk project under any circumstances.

He said that reconstruction after the earthquake in Zagreb is primarily the task of the City of Zagreb, the government and its citizens.

“We do not want to participate in a project that is knee-jerk reaction regardless of the upcoming election.

At today’s conference of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, Health Minister Vili Beros said that in Zadar, Sibenik and Split, young people are gathering in cafes, “especially cafes with tinted glass, drink and have fun,” though information from the Split police did not confirm this.

“In the last three days, the Split-Dalmatia County Police Department did not observe violations of the Decision on measures to restrict social gatherings, work in commerce, services and holding sports and cultural events, which came into force on March 19, 2020. In the area of the Split-Dalmatia County Police Department, we have identified 30 violations of the Decision above, of which 14 were catering establishments,” the Split police said in response to an inquiry by Index.

16:30: At the end of March, more than 143,000 people were registered in the unemployment register of the Croatian Employment Service (CES), and in the last 15 days alone, 13,264 unemployed persons were registered, 12,260 of them directly from employment. CES data show.

16:17: The Croatian Parliament on Friday will discuss the first group of laws from the Government’s package to assist the economy in the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, i.e., legal solutions relating to finance and the tourism sector.

16:15: The government has restricted the use of funds from the state budget for 2020 to extrabudgetary beneficiaries and prohibited them from recruiting, to optimize the use of limited fiscal potential.

15:45: Hundreds of Croats are returning home from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Sweden on Saturday at their own expense for Croatia Airlines’ commercial flights, said head of Croatian diplomacy Gordan Grlic Radman.

15:29: No one should travel unnecessarily, and this also applies to travel within the country, Interior Minister and head of the National Civil Protection Headquarters Davor Bozinovic said Thursday.

“The message from epidemiologists and the Civil Protection team is clear. Without need, no one needs to travel, and this also applies to domestic travel. The Ministry has put in place the issuance of e-passes that enable long-distance communication, and by midday Thursday, 12,736 were issued,” he said.

15:21: Heads of diplomacy of 30 NATO members will seek to improve co-operation at their first virtual meeting in history on Thursday so that the current health crisis does not become a security crisis, Croatian Minister Gordan Grlic Radman said ahead of the meeting.

“After 11 years of Croatia’s membership in NATO, today we will have a video conference for the first time, and for the first time in the history of NATO,” Radman Grlic said in front of MVEP.

15:20: Zagreb citizens have been invited over Facebook to go out to their balconies and windows and whistle against Bandic tomorrow at 7 pm

15:18: Two more cases confirmed in Sisak-Moslavina County, where a total of 17 people have contracted the coronavirus so far.

There are four patients in the isolation unit of Sisak General Hospital “Dr. Ivo Pedisic” and 11 of them are undergoing home treatment.

15:15: The Archbishop of Zagreb, Cardinal Josip Bozanić, sent pastoral guidance on the Holy Week liturgical celebrations, the celebration of the sacraments of Holy Confirmation and Holy Communion, and other pastoral issues.

15:00: Dalmatia is becoming a growing problem. There, more and more people violating the measures prescribed by the headquarters, and in many places around the city, young people gather in cafes. Capak showed a graph showing the highest number of infected people in Split-Dalmatia County.

14:30: The Civil Protection Headquarters in Novalja, Pag, is, to say the least, in an unusual situation. The now-former chief of HQ was infected with the coronavirus, and his successor and much of the city government is in isolation. Novalja points its finger at the former Chief and his wife as the culprits who brought the disease to this small town, but in all likelihood, the whole confusion is the result of a combination of several unfortunate circumstances. Read more on Index

Health Minister Vili Beros announced that there are 48 new cases confirmed in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of patients to 1011. One more person has died, bringing the number of fatalities to 7.

“The good thing is that the number of patients on ventilators did not increase. We need to be aware that these are all seriously ill patients. I pray to all who have not yet realized that these are serious illnesses that can end up fatal. I know that Split wants to be first in everything, but not in the number of patients with the coronavirus. I know that Zadar wants to be the first in the world in many things, but not in the coronavirus. I urge people in the south to take action,” said Alemka Markotic, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic ‘Dr. Fran Mihaljevic’.

The Minister of Health expressed sharp criticism to some members of Zadar’s youth, who he said were gathering in tinted glass cafes and socializing. “It’s not responsible behavior,” Beros said.

“The fact that we have half the number of yesterday is an extremely favorable situation and we want to keep it that way,” said the head of the HZJZ, Krunoslav Capak.

He also criticized the behavior in Zadar, saying that in ten days, the consequences of such behavior would be known.

“We do not intend on imposing some kind of strict police control because the vast majority of citizens adhere to the decisions of the Headquarters,” said Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic.

“The virus is here, we are repeating it for the thousandth time. Irresponsible behavior will be sanctioned,” Bozinovic said.

13:50: Mayor of Split Andro Krstulovic Opara confirmed at a press conference that three Banovina employees are positive for the coronavirus.

“Following epidemiological procedures, seven employees are in self-isolation. Based on the Ministry’s order, we divided the work of the services into two teams, working 15 days each. There are 154 employees in one team,” said the mayor.

The sick workers are home, feeling well and have no major problems, and Cian has disinfected all the premises of the city government.

Today, there are 18 new patients in the county, eight from Split, four from Solin and one from Trogir, Podstrana, Hrvace, Dugi Rat, Makarska and Baska Voda. At the moment, we have a total of 146 infections in Split-Dalmatia County, of whom 38 are health care workers. There are 144 health care workers in self-isolation, which means that two of them came out. Currently, 40 patients are hospitalized at KBC Split, seven of which are on ventilators. Three are from Dubrovnik-Neretva County, three are from Šibenik-Knin, and one is from Split-Dalmatia. At present, we have 2033 people in self-isolation,” Dr. Zeljka Karin said at the beginning of the conference.

At a press conference of the Split-Dalmatia County Headquarters, reporters asked the director of the Public Health Institute, Zeljka Karin, if she had any information about the corona party in Solin. The journalist claimed that one person had organized a family get-together in self-isolation and that the people who had been together were now positive for the coronavirus. She added that it was organized by a doctor and asked if there would be sanctions for such behavior.

“If other facts are determined, then that lunch you are talking about is followed by other procedures, other services that will then sanction it. My answer is we have identified the facts that we have determined and so have we acted.

13:20: Karlovac General Hospital organized a nose and throat swab for Covid-19 testing from patients’ cars, a roundabout has been formed in front of the hospital, and citizens can come for testing only with the recommendation of a doctor and notification the day before. More on Index

13:08 Deputy Chief of Civil Protection of Koprivnica-Križevci County Melita Ivancic confirmed that there are no new coronavirus patients in the County of Koprivnica-Križevci. So, there are still 12 cases total. KTC has set up grocery delivery from its stores so that customers do not have to go to the store and endanger their own and others’ health at the time of the coronavirus pandemic, reports epodravina.

13:04: The Civil Protection Headquarters of Požega-Slavonia County held a press conference confirming another case in the county. So far, three COVID-19 positive persons have been confirmed, one is in the General County Hospital in Požega, and the other two have been isolated at places of residence, the county’s website said.

12:56: Zabok General Hospital Director Tihomir Vancina said there were no new coronavirus cases since yesterday. “There is a great tendency for swabs to be taken in Zagreb, while results from the KZZ will come 30 hours after swabs are taken, which makes our work very difficult. There are 6 isolation units in the emergency room where triage is performed for patients due to suspected COVID 19 and in 6 sections we have 10 patients. Two more patients are coming in,” Vancina said, not knowing if the patient was positive or negative though they should be kept away until the situation was clarified, writes. One infected person is in a more serious condition and is likely to be transferred to Zagreb and to a ventilator.

12:49: The Civil Protection HQ of Brod-Posavina County press conference was held today and there are still 8 coronavirus-positive people in the county, 7 of whom are active, SBonline reports.

12:47: Varazdin County has no new patients for the third consecutive day. In total, they have 24 cases still and 6 cured.

12:13: The roundabout that was made for the COVID ambulance near the lower building of the Karlovac hospital today started for drive-in coronavirus testing, Radio Mrežnica reports. “Patients must notify the day before. There are indications when a sample is taken – contact, fibrillation and the rest, and then people are checked, and a sample is sent to Zagreb for analysis,” explained hospital Director Dr. Ervin Jancic.

12:10: There are six coronavirus patients at Vinkovci County General Hospital, one of whom is in serious condition, confirmed the head of that health institution, Krunoslav Sporcic, adding that among health professionals, two doctors were positive.

The conference will include:Željka Karin, Director of the NZJZBlazenko Boban, PrefectMarko Serdarevic, Deputy Chief of the PU SD Nino Vela, Chief of SCZ ST

11:43: Sberbank introduces a three-month repayment delay, i.e., a moratorium on customer loans, which have been repaid so far, with an extension of the loan repayment period by three months, the bank announced today.

11:37: Five people with the coronavirus were reported in Zagreb County today, which means that there are 80 cases in the county, according to the County Institute for Public Health. So far, 8 people have recovered and one has died.

The institute urged residents of Zagreb County to obey the instructions of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, as only responsible behavior can reduce the spread of the coronavirus infection.

11:34: Danish retailer JYSK and Croatian sleepwear manufacturer Hilding Anders are helping health systems across Croatia.

In order to assist hospitals and to further protect staff and patients in the fight against the coronavirus, JYSK, in collaboration with HESPO mattress manufacturer Hilding Anders, has jointly provided the necessary products to help equip hospitals and convenient epidemiological facilities in Zagreb, Osijek and Split, the company said. They provided more than 2,000 products, including mattresses, pillows, quilts, sheets, and other sleeping products, they said.

11:32: The credit rating agency Fitch downgraded Croatia’s outlook from positive to stable yesterday afternoon, while maintaining its credit rating at BBB-.

According to the explanation, Fitch expects the economy to decline by 5 percent this year, with a sharp decline in the tourism sector by 50 percent due to strong travel restrictions in Europe due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more on TCN

11:25: INA donated HRK 250,000 each to the Infectious Diseases Clinic Dr. Fran Mihaljević and the Health Center of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. Dr Ivo Pedisic Sisak General Hospital and the Red Cross received HRK 100,000 each. The Special Hospital for Chronic Pediatric Diseases in Gornja Bistra and the Croatian Institute for Emergency Medicine received HRK 50,000 each. Donations will be used to procure protective health equipment, medical supplies, disinfection devices and supplies, and medical equipment and devices needed to care for patients and to facilitate the organization of emergency services. The Rebro Pediatric Oncology Foundation received HRK 200,000 for equipment of pediatric hematology and oncology, and HRK 100,000 for the Pediatric Department at the Pula General Hospital. Also, INA donated HRK 50,000 to the Kamensko Association, which sews cotton masks for the Association of the Blind, DVD Selce, the homeless, users of kitchens and homes for the elderly, while the Technical School of Rudjer Boskovic from Vinkovci donated HRK 10,000 to make visors on 3D printers that the school will donate to Croatian hospitals.

In order to help repair the damage caused by the Zagreb earthquake, INA donated HRK 250,000 to the “Together for Zagreb” campaign and another HRK 100,000 to the Zagreb Children’s Disease Clinic, Ina said.

11:16: Bozinovic spoke about personal, driver and car registration. He said that he hoped that this would change in the future, and that the things that had been introduced during the pandemic would be implemented, concerning the use of the Internet when issuing various documents.

11:07: In order to increase the safety of citizens affected by the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Civil Protection Directorate, the Regional Office for Civil Protection Osijek, to control the implementation of measures by the Civil Protection HQ of the Republic of Croatia, implemented a central aerial surveillance system using drones. More on Index

10:59: Osijek Press Conference: 74 total coronavirus-positive. A total of 90 tests were done. 11 new positive results. 9 are from Osijek, one from Valpovo and one from Belišće. Two people do not know the source of the infection. It is a clear instruction to everyone that there is no movement. The situation is still serious. The virus can be obtained anywhere if you move too much.

“We received only one report of violating self-isolation measures and by our verification, we found that another person was not at the address they should be at,” said the police chief.

10:49: One entire Solin family infected: They accuse us, and the virus has spread at mass. More on Index

10:44: Bolt, the European platform for the provision of on-demand transport services, launches a delivery service in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Zadar and Dubrovnik as of Thursday. The Bolt Delivery service is designed for deliveries to be delivered on the same day, and even within just one hour, such as clothing, books, home supplies, game consoles, documents, etc.

10:32: Two new coronavirus cases have been identified in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County over the past day, with newly infected family members previously infected and in self-isolation, the County Civil Protection Headquarters reported. More on Index

10:20: A priest in Solin has revealed this morning that he had received a test and was positive. “I’ve been in isolation for a week with the effects of fever. Dalmacija Danas reported that a woman cleaning the church and four members of her family are also positive.

09:56: A press conference from Zadar is coming soon. There have been 39 (37 + 2) cases so far. 10 new cases in Zadar County, the number increased to 47 plus two people from Lika-Senj County. This is expected. We have 749 people under observation. The six new cases are from some in the Biograd hospital. Biograd is not quarantined because only five have been infected in Biograd, they have remained in other places in our county.”

09:45: Health Minister Vili Beros gave a wide-ranging interview on television this morning. A TCN report.

09:37: Two newly diagnosed coronavirus cases were recorded in Istria. The total number of positive cases so far on COVID-19 is 74, of which two are deceased, according to Glas Istre.

08:10: Health Minister Vili Beros is currently giving a television interview on N1. Full story on TCN soon.

07:58: In coordination with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, the Government of the Republic of Croatia has provided commercial repatriation flights to Croatia Airlines to allow Croatian nationals temporarily in the Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden to return to Croatia, the government said this morning.

07:22: Dragan Primorac on Good Morning Croatia talked about wearing masks. “Masks retain droplets when we cough and speak. This is important in preventing the spread of the infection to others. It also helps to avoid touching the mouth and nose and thus prevents infecting ourselves as we constantly touch the face,” he said. “It’s hard to predict anything. The rise in temperature and humidity has an impact on the spread of the infection. And when will this be over, it’s hard to say,” said Primorac.

07:15: TCN has started a new series talking to expats in Croatia called Foreigner Self-Isolation in Croatia: Do You Feel Safer? In the first 24 hours, we have already published 11 excellent submissions from citizens of Mexico, USA, Singapore, Romania, Germany, UK , Spain and Argentina, with many more in the pipeline in the coming days. You can see them all on this link, and if you are a foreigner sitting this out in Croatia and would like to contribute, please see the submission guidelines under each interview.

07:14: At the following border crossings with Bosnia and Herzegovina traffic is suspended:At the following border crossings with Bosnia and Herzegovina traffic is suspended: Svilaj, Gejkovac, Pašin Potok, Bogovolja, Kordunski Ljeskovac, Lička Kaldrma, Bili Brig, Aržano Pazar, Dvorine, Cera, Jovića Most, Sebišina, Slivno, Podprolog, Unka, Vukov Klanac, Imotica, Slano, Hrvatska Dubica, Gabela Polje. The latest travel advice in English from HAK is here.

06:30: Welcome to today’s live feed. We start the day with 963 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 96 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 73 patients have recovered. A sixth person has died. 34 patients are on ventilators. There are 729 active cases.

19:59: Crisis Chief Maja Grba Buljevic said it was possible that if the virus disappeared during the summer, it could return in the fall or winter. Read more on Index

Asked if there was room to panic, given that we recorded 96 new cases in 24 hours in Croatia, Markotic replied that “no panic was needed”.

“Panic is somewhat negative, but it should be reasonable. We need to see where and why this larger number appeared. We have identified two things. A trip to Turkey and an increase in southern Croatia,” Markotic said, reiterating her plea to citizens, especially now to those in the south, to comply with all precautionary measures.

“We cannot otherwise protect this system, which we have all been very good at protecting together so far,” Markotic said, adding that a large number of people are “very smart and well” adhering to the measures.

18:47: In the afternoon, a result from Zagreb confirmed COVID 19 in a bank employee from Pozega who had returned from Turkey on March 16, 2020, and whose mother was admitted to the Pozega hospital on Monday for suspected coronavirus, which was confirmed, reports The mother is in hospital in Pozega for treatment while her daughter has been given 14-day isolation in the family home since she has not developed any symptoms so far and is feeling well. The results of bank colleagues are negative. The total number infected in Požega-Slavonia is 3.

18:10: Plenkovic, presenting new economic measures, said that he has a salary and a pension for March, and that “we will see further”.

18:05: PM Plenkovic presents the second package of measures for the economy. The measures include write-offs and tax deferrals for businesses and workers’ compensation of HRK 4,000. Read more on Index

17:45: Another employee of the Split Emergency has the coronavirus. It is the seventh emergency worker positive for the coronavirus.

16:40: After the second case of coronavirus infection in the Virovitica-Podravina County was confirmed on Wednesday, police from the local police have also announced additional controls within the county, asking citizens for help in identifying infected contacts.

15:50: Erste Bank announced that it has started implementing measures to ease the current situation for citizens and companies, and the measures relate to the temporary suspension of activation of compulsory payment instruments, deferral of loan repayment and new financing of businesses in the form of loans for liquidity and working capital.

“Based on the Government’s conclusion and the recommendations of the Croatian National Bank, Erste Bank has adjusted its operations and started implementing measures aimed at helping citizens and businesses more easily overcome the negative impacts associated with the coronavirus epidemic or the aftermath of the Zagreb earthquake,” the statement said.

15:45: After it was announced on Wednesday morning that two new cases of coronavirus infection were reported in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, two more cases have been confirmed this afternoon, and the number of patients in the county rose to 43

15:35: A man from the Slatina area posted a video on Facebook threatening riots after his self-isolation measure expires.

He was arrested yesterday, and after being questioned, he was released after receiving criminal charges for threatening behaviour. More on Index.

15:05: Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic to unveil a new package of economic assistance measures to counteract the impact of a coronavirus pandemic.

15:02: A girl from Istria lied about being a doctor and working at a hospital in Pula. She told people lies about the coronavirus. More on Index.

15:01: At a press conference, Capak commented on Croats who traveled to Turkey and became infected there.

15:00: A man from Istria urging people to violate the terms of the agreement in a Facebook group has received a criminal complaint.

14:26: Citizens are just as afraid of the coronavirus as they are about losing their jobs, according to a Hendal survey conducted on a representative sample of 500 people. Read more on Index

The Croatian Banking Association (HUB) advised pensioners to make the most of cash withdrawals from ATMs on the day of payment of pensions, and to visit branches only if necessary.

In a statement, the HUB recalls that all banks in Croatia have temporarily suspended fees for cash withdrawal transactions by debit cards at ATMs outside their own ATM network, and ATMs are provided with sufficient cash and are available at all times.

14:24: Two border guards have the coronavirus. They were in contact with migrants. Read more on Index

14:16: Capak said that the curve is on a slight increase, today it has experienced a ‘peak’ and that they are not thinking about loosening the measures.

“The measures will be loosened when we have a few days in a row, likely 5 days in a row when we have a drop,” said Capak.

14:15: As for violations of leaving the city of residence, more than 6700 attempts have been registered so far. The police did not impose penalties, except in some hundred cases because they had been subjected to self-isolation measures,” said Minister Bozinovic.

14:12: Minister Beroš commented on the highest number of cases in one day and the increased number of tests.

“In Croatia, we are fortunate to have experts who have implemented a new testing system at the Infectious Diseases Clinic within a week. This knowledge and experience was passed on to regional centers and institutions such as the Croatian Health Institute and the Zagreb Public Health Institute, which provided testing. These are the circumstances that help us fight the infection.

In terms of growth, this means that the measures that are prescribed must be taken most seriously and acted upon accordingly. It is a guarantee that we will succeed. If we ignore the instructions due to good weather or results, our results may be worse. It is a good time to revisit what is needed, and that is to follow the instructions that the headquarters prescribe,” said Beros.

14:09: For the time being, the Clinic has 18 patients on a ventilator, one of which is at ECMO. For now, most of those not on the ventilator are in good condition. For the most part, they are mild to moderate. We have a few patients on the border that will get worse, but there are also some where some improvement has been achieved on the ventilator. Positive cases in children are also slowly emerging, with a mild picture of the infection,” said Alemka Markotic.

14:08: “We’re in a good position right now. We don’t know what stage of our game we are in. This should mean that there is no relaxation. We must continue to implement the measures strictly and act responsibly, as this is the best way to prevent the spread of infection.

Thank you for the support the staff receives. The whole nation is on the field playing the game against the coronavirus for the health of the nation. We need to follow the instructions,” said Beros.

14:05: Head of the Croatian Health Institute Krunoslav Capak says that there 53 doctors, 6 pharmacists, 10 dentists, 44 nurses and technicians and 5 administrative staff in the health system have tested positive.

14:03: ”If we look at the number of patients and the total number of patients tested, 12.52 percent have tested positive. At this point, there are still 6 fatalities, which means that in the last 72 hours, no one has died from the coronavirus. There are 34 patients on ventilators, while 73 have been recovered, six more than yesterday.

We currently have 1.5 deaths per million inhabitants. In Italy, it is 192, in Spain 175, in Sweden 18 deaths per million inhabitants. We are happy for now. This is not a reason to relax because it should not be. We continue to ask you to act responsibly,” said Beros.

14:00: Health Minister Vili Beros reported 96 new cases in Croatia in the last 24 hours. So far, a total of 963 people are infected in the country, 7680 people have been tested.

13:32: There are no coronavirus patients in Sisak-Moslavina County, according to the County Civil Protection Headquarters, reports.

In the General Hospital “Dr. Ivo Pedisic” Sisak, in an isolation unit, three previously ill patients were accommodated, and 10 patients were undergoing home treatment. Currently, there are 13 proven positive patients in the county while two others have recovered. It was determined that two police officers from the so-called “corridor” a police formation.

13:26: In the area of Split-Dalmatia County, 29 more people are coronavirus-positive; from Split – 14 people, Solin – 6 people, Dugopolje – 3 people, Marina – 1 person, Hrvace – 1, Dugi Rat – 1 person, Makarska – 1 person, Imotski – 1 person and Kastela – 1 person. These are mainly people in self-isolation who have been in contact with previously confirmed patients.

On 1.4.2020 a total of 128 people are infected with coronavirus in the area of Split-Dalmatia County. All are infected with good general health. Of the total infected, 33 are healthcare professionals; of which from the Institute for Emergency Medicine – 7, NHIF – 3, Health Center – 1, KBC Split – 5, private pharmacies – 1, private dentists – 15 and private specialist offices – 1.

146 health professionals are in self-isolation and there are currently 8 people quarantined at the Zagreb Hotel. Currently, there are 2430 people in Split-Dalmatia County in self-isolation.

13:16: The County of Bjelovar-Bilogora is at the bottom of the Croatian counties in terms of the number of cases, with only 5 cases confirmed so far.

13:12: Chief of the Koprivnica-Križevci County HQ, Ratimir Ljubić, revealed today that there are four new cases in the county, bringing the total to 12. These four newly infected persons are contacts of previously infected persons from the county. Six people are being treated at the hospital and six are at home in quarantine. The first infected person will soon be released from the hospital, reports.

13:10: Head of the Civil Protection Headquarters of Krapina-Zagorje County Anđelko Ferek-Jambrek reports that there are 5 new coronavirus cases in the County, compared to yesterday.

“In the area of ​​Krapina-Zagorje County, 65 people are positive for the coronavirus, including 53 with residence in the county. According to municipalities and cities, the current situation is: 30 positive people in the City of Pregrada, 14 people in the City of Krapina, 8 people in the area of ​​Hum na Sutli Municipality, 4 persons in the Zabok area, 3 persons in the city of Oroslavje, 2 persons in the city of Donja Stubica, 1 person in the Jesenje Municipality and 1 person in the Radoboj Municipality,” said Ferek-Jambrek

13:06: The first coronavirus case in the city of Makarska and the second in the Makarska Riviera have been confirmed today. According to information from Makarska today, a positive result was found in an employee of a public city company, who complained of symptoms last week. After that, the premises of the city-owned company were disinfected, and 15 employees had been self-isolated since that day.

13:03: The results found by all COVID-19 test subjects in the morning were negative. So far, 8 positive cases have been reported in Brod-Posavina County, of which one person has passed away, so that there are 7 positive patients in treatment in the separated units of the town’s General Hospital.

12:55: In Vukovar-Srijem County there are a total of 14 cases. The case confirmed today is a doctor from a hospital in Vinkovci.

“Among these 14 people, 5 are health professionals, 3 are from primary health care and 2 are from Vinkovci County Hospital. Out of 14 patients, 8 come from 4 families with 2 patients and these are family contacts, which were the source of infection. Currently, 6 people are hospitalized in Vinkovci and none in Vukovar.

Out of 6 persons from Vinkovci County, 1 person is critical but is not on a ventilator, 2 people are stable and 3 people are weaker. One person was discharged from the hospital as a negative. So far, besides the sick, we have recorded 148 contacts that were put into self-isolation, of which 74 are health care workers and 5 are non-health care workers but employed in health care,” said the director of the Institute of Public Health of the Vukovar-Srijem County, Kata Krešić.

12:45: According to the data of the Zagreb County Institute of Public Health in the area of Zagreb County, until Wednesday 01.04 by 11:00 a.m., 75 people had been confirmed coronavirus-positive, according to Zagreb County.

12:30: A second case has been confirmed in the Virovitica-Podravina County, a press conference by the County Civil Protection HQ said on Wednesday.

12:15: According to the data of the Epidemiological Service, 19 patients with coronavirus have been registered in Velika Gorica. That’s two more than yesterday, according to the VG portal today, while awaiting total data for Zagreb County. The Headquarters announced that in a day or so, testing for the coronavirus could be done on a drive-in basis.

12:13: Oncology patients from Zagreb hospitals contacted Index after the Zagreb earthquake with information that they could no longer receive chemotherapy and radiation. According to the document we received today, Minister Beroš also requested comments on therapy. Read more on Index

12:10: After Karlovac, Zagreb and Dubrovnik get drive-in testing. As the director of the Public Health Institute of the Croatian National Tourist Board, Mato Lakic, answered the question of DuList today, ‘drive-in’ testing will be introduced in Dubrovnik. “We are doing training for ‘drive-in’ testing of the staff of the Dubrovnik Health Center in order to introduce this testing method here, and we are also in negotiations with the health centers of Korcula and Metkovic. to go with it,” said Dr. Lakic.

11:39: There are no new patients in Istria County for 48 hours and there are 72 cases in total, 4 have been cured. There is one case under the age of 20, revealed the press conference.

11:19: In the area of Dubrovnik-Neretva, there are two new cases. Among them is a nurse. A total of 41 people are coronavirus-positive.

“We had a case of a patient from Metkovic who came to OB Dubrovnik yesterday, it was a misunderstanding, she will be ordered this morning. A total of 11 were hospitalized in OB Dubrovnik, two patients are in intensive care. One of them is positive for Covid 19, for the other we are still awaiting a result. It is about persons of average age 75. Three patients who are in Split remain unchanged. Furthermore, two staff members of OB Dubrovnik are positive. In addition to the case of the doctor we discussed earlier, there is one nurse, “said Bekic, who added that there are 14 nurses and six doctors in self-isolation, the Dubrovnik daily

11:15: The Voice of Entrepreneurs initiative on Wednesday estimated that the announced that the Croatian Government’s second package for economic assistance,  expected this week, is “very close to the list of ten requests” they sent to the Government ten days ago.

11:00: Osijek press conference on coronavirus. “I thank the media for passing on accurate information to citizens. We have new instructions for issuing passes to citizens who have land, vineyards, gardens, outside their city of residence. Passes will be issued to such. I can say that we are quite disciplined, expect a climax. We are doing a really good job, and together with all of you, I urge you to continue listening to our instructions,” said Mayor Anusic.

“We have 63 people positive, an increase of 6 people. 5 were in self-isolation. Only 1 person living in Osijek, on the outskirts of the city is new. Her contacts are already being processed. There are 497 people in self-isolation.”

10:56: Minister of Administration Ivan Malenica presents the e-Pass service within the Shared Services Center from 11 am, which connects the Ministry of the Interior, the Tax Administration, the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute (HZMO), the health system and the Civil Protection Headquarters.

10:27: In Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, there are three new cases, bringing the total to 49. All of the new cases were in contact within the family and were in self-isolation. Epidemiologists at PGZ do not have a single case of a person who does not know the source of the infection. Channel RI reminds that there are three women on ventilators at KBC Rijeka and according to the latest information, all three women, two from Pula and one from Rijeka, are stable.

10:21: “With the coordination of the HDZ, SDP,  Živi zid, MOST and HNS councilors – the Liberal Democrats in the County Assembly of Karlovac County, it was agreed that the compensation of county councilors for March would focus on the procurement of protective equipment to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID -19) “The intention is to allocate the money thus collected to priorities in hospital health care facilities in the Karlovac County area that are currently functionally integrated,” the Karlovac County website said.

10:13: Five new coronavirus cases have been reported in the Šibenik-Knin County, four of which are from the Murter area, the County Civil Protection Headquarters announced today. The total number infected in the county is now 29.

10:04: New data from Zadar. “There are 4 new cases this morning, bringing the total to 39 in the county. Today, a new pass is being introduced. All requests will be sent through the Headquarters.”

656 people are in self-isolation. As of yesterday, 20 are new in self-isolation. There are no patients under 19 years old, ages 20 to 30 there are 6 patients, ages 30 to 40 three patients, ages 50 to 65 there are 15 patients, ages 65 to 80 six patients, and from 80 to 100 there are five patients.

There are 17 patients in the hospital, one patient is still in serious condition and undergoing intensive care. 62 health workers at Zadar General Hospital are in self-isolation.

10:03: Out of 16 samples sent for analysis on Monday, all are coronavirus negative (COVID-19). There are no new patients, and another person has been healed, the Istria County Civil Protection Headquarters reported on Wednesday morning. Another 63 samples were taken Tuesday for suspected coronavirus (COVID-19). The findings are expected today or tomorrow, reports Glas Istre.

9:50: AM METRO Cash & Carry Croatia will pay a reward of HRK 1,000 to all employees of its sales centers to thank them for their contribution and dedication during an emergency.

Police watch in all cities, the problem occurred in Split, where two women protested loudly, and then a citizen came at the police. They were not reported for walking but for violating law and order. It is a measure about not gathering a large number of citizens in one place,” Police Chief Nikola Milina told N1 television.

“The citizen treated by the police had absolutely no objection to the behavior of police officers,” he added.

“I have not yet received a full internal control report. As I heard with the Chief of Internal Control, police officers have not acted against the rules of the profession. There is only verbal altercation between persons and police officers and police officers will be warned.

This was, in the beginning, a disparagement and disrespect for police officers who tried to monitor enforcement. There was no problem in any city, only this case in Split.”

9:38: “There are no new patients in Nasice and all the tests, for which we have obtained results, are negative,” said the director of the Nasice Simic General Hospital.

“The patient is well, now for the third day without temperature and we can say that the situation is stable. Lung inflammation is still present, but everything is under control and the oxygen is satisfactory. The other three positive patients are still well, they are self-isolation from this side, everything is under control, we have also received other samples of testing, patients and staff, and all of them are negative, which can really make us happy. A few more are still at home because their self-isolation period has not passed,” Hrvoje Simic told

9:34: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Umag Mayor Vili Bassanese decided to halve the salary for himself and his deputies in the next three months, and 11 percent for all employees of city administration and city-owned institutions, i.e., to reduce pay from 4500 to 4000 kuna.

9:33: Instructions have been posted on as to who is eligible to receive a pass to go to the island. Read more on

9:25: Kaufland opened in Slavonski Brod, which closed yesterday because one employee was infected with the coronavirus.

9:13: Since they started monitoring on March 13, the Vukovar-Srijem Police Directorate has received a total of 167 reports of violating self-isolation measures, and identified 41 violations of self-isolation measures. Read more on Index

8:50 Head of HJZJ Krunoslav Capak appeared on Good Morning, Croatia on HRT. “No dramatic news is to be expected, we have reached a balance. In accordance with the epidemiological situation, we loosen or implement new measures. We are considering that people have their other needs, we will try to alleviate everything.”

“The burden of diseases in the world is not related to infectious diseases. We have predominantly been dominated by chronic non-communicable diseases in the world. And the public health of the world is focused on those diseases. There is crucial importance to proper nutrition, weight, non-smoking. Now we have a different situation. Now the priority is this infectious disease.

Of course, getting fresh air is crucial to our health. But if we group together, if we have social contact, that is how the infection spreads. The only way we can prevent it from spreading is to not have these social contacts. It is clear to me that this is confusing. It is healthy to stay outside, but if you are not in social contact. Distract yourself, don’t socialize with people. Be by yourself or keep a distance of two meters. I’m not closing down Maksimir, Jarun, the parks, but you have to keep your distance. Walking with family members – it’s impossible to maintain that social distance, and it’s normal that if everyone is healthy, they can be together.”

8:16: “The fact is that the number of cases is increasing and not exponential. But we must not relax. Experts say that for 5-7 days, we should have a downward trend so that we can say that the measures have reached the largest number of people. We are thinking about some things we could loosen, but we are not at that stage yet,” Bozinovic told HRT.

08:06: The Minister of Interior Davor Bozinovic has made s a guest appearance on HRT. “At this point, the only measure is social distancing and maintaining hygiene measures. There is no vaccine, no medicine, and prevention is the only effective response.”

“I think it has become obvious that the majority of citizens have understood the necessity of all these measures. There are, however, citizens who still underestimate it. They think that if they do not see the enemy there – a very wrong assumption which can be very costly globally. We see that there are a lot of breakthroughs in the healthcare system ”

“The more restrictive each individual is, the less the institutions need to respond. The ideal scenario would be for everyone to adhere to the measures, but we know that is not the case.”

“A presentation of the new e-pass will be held today, linking institutions relevant to the issuance of passes. In order to know at all times who was issued and to prevent self-isolation from traveling through Croatia and spreading the infection.”

07:55: “It is difficult for believers to take measures taken against a pandemic, but if they were not related to religious gatherings, we would have to impose them on our own for the sake of faith and love for our neighbor,” says Bishop of Dubrovnik Mato Uzinic answering Hina’s questions about the consequences of those measures. on the spiritual life of believers.

07:29: The director of the Croatian Employers Association Davor Majetic made a guest appearance on Good Morning Croatia on HRT. “The first good measure was HRK 3250 for workers. Now 80 per cent of companies are not working. Once the headquarters says that we can work again, no one knows how many companies will be able to start their own business, “he said.

“We are asking for all expenses to be frozen during this hibernation. Activities are now being prepared for when we exit this coronavirus period. We then need to have deferred loans and some other measures to be able to function at all. We will have at least two years of this business corona …” he added.

06:45: So what is it like running a news portal in the corona era? TCN’s Paul Bradbury with his thoughts in this video report for R+.

06:30: There are currently 867 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 77 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 67 patients have recovered. A sixth person has died. 32 patients are on ventilators. There are 729 active cases.

18:15: The civil protection headquarters of the City of Dubrovnik on Tuesday banned construction work on the islands for anyone who does not have permanent residence there, unless it is necessary for public works to protect the lives of citizens.

The decision was made after warnings and appeals from residents of the Elaphite Islands about the work on a hotel on the island of Kolocep..

Staff are reminded that the works themselves are not explicitly prohibited, but public transport in regular coastal shipping is an epidemic for people who do not have permanent residence on the islands.

17:02: Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Tuesday that the focus of another package of government measures to help the economy with coronaviruses would be to secure liquidity and safeguard jobs.

“In relation to the first set of measures, we still do not know the key variable: by which time this will all go together. However, the idea is in the wake of the measures we have taken so far – again, the focus is on securing liquidity and preserving jobs,” he said. is Maric ahead of a meeting of coalition partners in government.

16:20: As of Tuesday morning, the number of infectionsin the County of Brod-Posavina has increased by four, and so far eight people have been infected, including one woman, an oncological patient, said Chief of the Brod-Posavina County Civil Protection Staff Stjepan Bosnjakovic.

At a press conference, Ante Cvitkovic, director of the Brod-Posavina County Public Health Institute, said that the new patients are already known contacts. One person has traveled abroad, and three are close contacts of people who have been positive before. Two are middle-aged, one is older and one is younger, Cvitkovic said.

“The epidemiological processing of all contacts is continuing. When it comes to contacts of people who are positive, there are about eighty of them, but colleagues are also processing new cases, so we will see how many will be tomorrow morning. Another twenty negative findings have been received,” he said. Cvitkovic and local broadcasts cannot be ruled out.

16:03: In the area of ​​Virovitica-Podravina County, the first case of a coronavirus infected has been confirmed, a press conference of the County Civil Protection Headquarters said on Tuesday.

“This is a middle-aged female currently under quarantine. Her condition is stable, she has a slight clinical picture. The epidemiology profession has taken all the usual measures, which means that we have detected all its contacts,” said the director of the Institute of Public Health, epidemiologist Miroslav Venus.

16:02: The Municipality of Omisalj becomes the first municipality in Croatia with a completely transparent budget. More on Index.

15:38: Joining the initiative from the Voice of Entrepreneurs, Young Restaurateurs of Europe (JRE) Croatia, which brings together 14 reputable restaurants, including 4 Michelin-starred, has publicly expressed the need and necessity for effective economic measures to preserve jobs and reduce economic impact. crises caused by the virus.

15:30: Self-isolation violations have been identified, with more than 3,000 reported, Interior Minister and Head of the National Civil Protection Headquarters Davor Bozinovic reported on Tuesday.

15:15: Another coronavirus-infected person in Požega-Slavonia County is an elderly woman who was admitted to a hospital in Pozega yesterday, and is the mother of a daughter who was on a trip to Turkey, Mayor Alojz Tomasevic confirmed at a press conference at the County Civil Protection Headquarters on Tuesday.

An elderly patient confirmed to be infected with coronavirus was admitted to a hospital in Pozega on Monday. “The person did not leave anywhere. She was in contact with her daughter, who was traveling in Turkey from March 9 to March 16 and who showed no signs of illness,” Tomasevic said.

14:50: In Karlovac County for the second day in a row there are no new cases, so from the County Civil Protection Headquarters on Tuesday they praised the citizens for adhering to the protective measures, because in order to beat the virus, it is important to stop the rapid growth of the number of patients.

Otherwise, a total of 22 people have been infected in the county so far, one of whom has died, nine in Karlovac hospital, two in Zagreb and ten being treated at home.

14:25: Alemka Markotic said that we now have some more severely ill and respiratory patients. “This is expected, and we have more people with chronic illnesses and older people. There are currently no critical ones on the respirator, but these are conditions that can change in a short time. We hope they can still overcome this crisis and recover,” she said.

Berosh went on to say that this was a new disease and that we were just learning about it. “We have formed a team of employees to keep track of all the new developments. The overall health status in Croatia is in line with everything we know before. There is no mutation in the virus among our population,” he said.

14:15: Alemka Markotic commented on the impact of antimalarials on treatment. “There is information that there may be benefits, but there is no clear information on this. There are various ideas constantly coming up that could be used, the pressure is to start using biological drugs, one has to be very careful because they affect the immune system. No new news about the vaccine, ”she said.

“Information is emerging that there is stigmatization of the sick and people in self-isolation. This must not happen. We can all become infected. Patients have their rights. When they are ill, they need to be helped by the whole environment so that they can recover as soon as possible.

As for the age structure of the infected, it has not changed from the beginning. “We have 41 people under the age of 20, 101 who are over the age of 70, 50 to 59 is the most common age structure and 40 to 49 after that,” Capak said.

When asked how many nurses are in self-isolation, Capak said: 50 doctors are positive, 10 dentists, 41 nurses, 5 pharmacists and 7 administrative staff. 1200 people are in self-isolation in the healthcare system.

14:07: There are currently 867 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 77 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 67 patients have recovered. A sixth person has died. 32 patients are on ventilators. There are 729 active cases.

Krunoslav Capak reported that a post-earthquake analysis was conducted. “The trend of newcomers shows a slight upward trend,” Capak said.

Minister Bozinovic said that she had sent the staff instructions on the implementation of measures related to agriculture. “Garden centers and nurseries selling agricultural materials can operate with the obligation to respect the shop opening hours and with all protection measures,” he said.

“Nobody is left alone in this trouble, not even Zagreb. Firefighters from 10 cities have come to help Zagreb firefighters and will remain there until April 7. I thank them,” Bozinovic added. Seven police officers have confirmed a coronavirus, Bozinovic said.

“As for the violation of self-isolation, 970 cases were identified and there were over 3000 reports,” the minister added.

“You could hear Minister Malenica’s address this morning explaining the system we are testing. It is a networked system where, in a simplified way, passes will be issued electronically for leaving cities. Now, issuing will start that way,” Bozinovic said.

13:39: So far, 15 people have contracted the COVID-19 disease in Sisak-Moslavina County. Two people were completely healed, had two consecutive negative lab findings and were discharged home. At the hospital, there are three patients in the isolation unit and 10 patients undergoing home treatment. So there are currently 13 proven positive patients.

13:35: “We are informing the public that two new cases of COVID-19 infection caused by coronavirus have been reported in the area of ​​Koprivnica-Križevci County. These are contacts of previously positive persons with coronavirus, persons of good health with milder symptoms and under medical supervision. This has increased the number of coronavirus infected people in the county to a total of eight cases.

So far, 109 samples have been sent for epidemiological and infectological examination, of which only eight are positive, confirming that the epidemiological picture of the County of Koprivnica-Križevci is still very good and that all contacts of infected persons are timely registered and placed under adequate health surveillance, “the county reported.

13:35: The number of newly infected coronaviruses has not increased in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County since last Saturday. There are still 5 cases of infection in the county, with two in Čazma and 3 in the town of Bjelovar, the county said.

13:33: For the second consecutive day in Karlovac County there are no new patients, which means that the number of cases in Karlovac County is still 22. Zagreb. A total of 207 people were tested. “It is important to note that the situation in all three hospitals in the Karlovac County area is stable, which shows the high conscientiousness and discipline of our citizens. For example, there were 50 examinations at Karlovac General Hospital yesterday, 46 in Ogulin,” Karlovac County press conference announced.

13:18: The picture so far, or at least part of it. Official numbers coming at 14:00 press conference.

Zadar County – 5 new. Total 33Lika-Senj – 2 new. Total 3Dubrovnik-Neretva – 5 new. Total 39Osijek-Baranja – 11 new. Total 57Vukovar-Srijem – 2 new. Total 13Istarska – 0 infected. Total 72Primorsko-goranska – 7 new. Total 46Šibenik-Knin – 1 new. Total 25Split-Dalmatia – 9 new. Total 97Posavina – 4 new. Total 8Virovitica-Podravina – 1 new. Total 1Varaždin County – 0 new. Total 24Krapina-Zagorje – 5 new. Total 60Zagreb County – 2 new. Total 65Međimurje – 0 new. Total 2Požega-Slavonia – 1 new. Total 2Karlovac – 0 new. Total 22Bjelovar-Bilogora – 0 new. Total 5Koprivnica-Križevci – 2 new. Total 8Sisak-Moslavina – 1 new. Total 15

13:17: The Civil Protection Headquarters of Požega-Slavonia County announced that we have one new infected person. They have a total of 2 cases in the county.

12:50: There are no coronavirus infected in the Međimurje County and only two people who remain in the hospital are still infected and their health status is stable, Mayor Matija Posavec said at a press conference.

12:46: According to the data of the Zagreb County Institute of Public Health in Zagreb County on Tuesday 31.03. by 11:00 am, 65 people had been diagnosed with the disease caused by the new coronavirus. Compared to yesterday, there are 2 more people. The Zagreb County Institute of Public Health has 8 outlets in its area, which are visible below. Each outlet processes data for the city headquarters of the outlet and surrounding municipalities. The Sveta Nedelja is the only town that does not have its own branch office, but the data are processed at the Samobor Branch, Zagreb County said.

12:30: A total of 60 coronavirus infected persons were recorded in the Krapina-Zagorje County area on March 31, 2020 at 10:00 am. Compared to yesterday’s press conference of the Civil Protection Headquarters and the County of Krapina-Zagorje County, 5 new coronavirus positive individuals were recorded. Newly registered persons come from the City of Pregrada (4) and the Municipality of Radoboj (1), the County announced.

12:26: No new cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in the County of Varaždin in the last 24 hours, leaving the total number of patients still  at24. The total number of people who recovered also remained unchanged, namely six. There are 18 people at the Varaždin General Hospital for treatment. All people undergoing treatment are currently in good general condition, Varaždin County reported

12:25: Today, a press conference of the Civil Protection Headquarters of Brod-Posavina County confirmed four new cases. In Brod-Posavina County, there are a total of 8 infected persons, while 7 of them are active.

12:02: Split just has a cut. Today, until 11 o’clock in the counties there are 9 new patients, seven from Split, 1 from Solin and 1 from Sinj. So far, four young children and 29 healthcare professionals have been infected. A total of 2415 people are in self-isolation. 31 patients are in a hospital in Split, five on a respirator in serious clinical condition. They are from Sibenik and Dubrovnik.

12:00: A logistics center has been set up in Jastrebarsko in the warehouses of the Civil Protection Directorate for the distribution of protective equipment for all users in the Republic of Croatia who implement health protection measures against COVID-19. During this day, regional civil protection headquarters have organized transport to move equipment from Jastrebarsko to hospitals, health centers, public health services, emergency medical services, police, sanitary inspection, armed forces and all operational civil protection forces in the field.

11:52: GEN-I will reduce the price of electricity for all its household customers for a period of three months, the company said. “As the first electricity supplier in Croatia, we are reducing prices at a time when many households are in a difficult situation. We hope that our example will lead to all businessmen who are able to do this today, not only in the energy sector. Now is not the time for pursuing profit and self-interest, but for solidarity, “said Dr. Robert Golob, CEO of GEN-I.

11:37: Another person infected has been registered in the Šibenik-Knin County. The total number thus rose to 25.

11:30: In accordance with the recommendations of the Croatian National Bank, a contactless payment of up to HRK 250 is possible in the Lidl retail chain as of March 31, instead of the previous HRK 100. Customers will be able to make payments without a PIN up to HRK 250 with the cards of all banks. The decision was made to reduce the chances of infection with coronavirus, and taking into account the advice of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia and the Institute of Public Health, which include minimizing movement and contact, and avoiding touching objects and surfaces exposed to the virus, said Lidl.

11:27: In the County of Primorje-Gorski Kotar, there are 7 new cases, which isa total of 46 cases, reports Channel RI. A large part of the newly infected are from Opatija. Of the seven new patients, three are foreign nationals.

11:25: Two new cases have been confirmed in the Novalja area, which is the third case in Lika-Senj County, confirmed the Chief of Civil Protection Vice Nekic. According to initial information, these are two elderly people, and their health status will be known later, Nekic said.

He also said that the Headquarters is working on general coordination with the national headquarters and with the local headquarters in cities and municipalities and that all measures against the spread of the new coronavirus are being implemented. In the County of Lika-Senj, the first case of infection was on the 20th of this month, when a young man from Senj fell ill but developed a milder dose.

The Constitutional Court announced that it is closely monitoring everything that the competent authorities do to combat the coronavirus pandemic and that there is no need at this time to act “within the meaning of its constitutional powers”. More on Index.

11:23: Preserving the liquidity of businesses, retaining jobs or jobs, securing the supply chain and tax breaks are some of the measures needed to help the economy in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia (AmCham) announced.

11:13: Regional Express reports that there are no newborns in Istria this morning. Data will be released throughout the day.

11:02: In Osijek-Baranja County, there are 10 new positives. That’s a total of 52 cases. As of yesterday, there is another patient on the respirator as well as the first medical practitioner to be positive. There are two positive coronavirus cases in the police department and 18 in self-isolation.

Public Notary Offices will work with emergency cases from 9 a.m. to 12 noon during the coronavirus epidemic, and will also communicate with them via telephone, email and communication applications, the Croatian Notary Chamber said Tuesday.

10:36: Thanks to reports from citizens, the Istrian police have identified four new cases of violations of self-isolation, two in the area of ​​Umag and one each in the area of ​​Pula and Porec, and a total of 60 violations and measures to protect against the spread of the epidemic have so far been recorded in the county.

10:00:  “There are five new cases related to the Biograd Hospital in the county and two are from Lika-Senj County, they had been traveling to Turkey. A total of 33 have been infected in the county.

The two from the County of Lika-Senj are a married couple. As for the five new ones related to the Biograd Orthopedic Hospital, it is about one doctor, one patient and their contacts. There is still no local transmission in Biograd, so there is no need for quarantine, they said at the cross-section.

09:30: Capak said 44 doctors and 10 dentists were infected and about a thousand health workers were in isolation.

08:54: The Croatian Employers Association, which claims to be an independent association that promotes the entrepreneurial spirit, has established the HUP-Coordination of Non-Food Trade and Shopping Centers. According to their statement, the retail and wholesale sector in the Republic of Croatia employs almost 207,000 people, 90,000 of whom are employed in the non-food trade and another 30,000 in the non-food trade activities, such as supply, maintenance, cleaning, advertising and a number of others. The Coordination proposes that Jurica Lovrinčević, CEO of Pevex, be appointed to the Crisis Headquarters for the Economy of the Government of the Republic of Croatia as a representative of the non-food trade and shopping centers directly and indirectly employing more than 130,000 employees, which is almost 10% of the total employment in the Republic of Croatia. More on Index.

“We have introduced measures for self-protection of citizens early on and we are glad that citizens are respecting the measures. That is why our curve of increasing patients is still linear,” the minister said, saying that “our destiny is in our hands”.

” If we act responsibly, the number of people who are ill may decrease from day to day. It’s all up to us, to me, to all of us,” the health minister said.

08:15: “Croatia has been monitoring the situation in Italy from the beginning, and we started prevention even before the virus came to Croatia,” Nela Srsen said, reporting from Italy for HRT. She said they did not take the situation seriously enough in Italy. “Some countries have results that, according to all other experts, are not credible. Italy has a fairly old population. 60 percent of mortality is among patients with three pathologies and more. “Each country has its own statistics,” she said when asked if people were dying from coronavirus or coronavirus added to an underlying cause. “This is a great lesson not only for Italians, but for humanity,” she said.

08:00: Making Science Sexy: Igor Rudan’s Incredible Video Series: Survival, the Story of Global Health (TCN article)

07:45: Today’s numbers will be updated at the 14:00 press conference, the new regular time for daily updates. We will update this feed with the latest news as soon as we can after that.

07:30: The show “Good Morning Croatia” hosted the Head of the Crisis Headquarters of the Ministry of Health Maja Grba-Bujević. She said they were getting their first information at 8 a.m. and that no information about new infections was available now.

“It’s hard to say if we are on the cusp of the epidemic. I’d say we haven’t reached it yet, but we seem to be heading in the right direction,” she said.

“If you have been in contact with an infected person, your family doctor should be contacted by telephone. He will refer you further to COVID testing centres, where you will be examined. Tests if necessary are already to be done in these dispensaries,” said Grba-Bujevic. “This is a dangerous thing, this is an epidemic. There is no room for violations. They have been introduced for the benefit of all of us,” she said of violators of self-isolation.

“If some have been in contact with more people, do not bring clothes into the apartment, indoors, shoes should also not enter the house. As for food, there is no great need, do not overdo it and put food in, say, a microwave. . Masks, ok, if you feel good about it … There are patients who have to go to therapies to the hospital, let these people wear masks .. I saw a woman walking a dog with a mask on its face, it really doesn’t make sense, “she advised Dr. Grba-Bujevic.

We were pleased with yesterday’s data, there were 12 more recovered than the day before, we did not have the worst outcomes, which is a great pleasure. “We think we had a very good epidemiological day yesterday,” she said. She believes that we are well on our way if we continue to adhere to the measures.

07:00: A behind the scenes look at Croatia’s response to the double disasters of the Zagreb earthquake and coronavirus, as Robert Tomic Zuber follows PM Plenkovic and Health Minister Beros in the latest Al Jazeera Balkans episode of Revizija.

06:30: Welcome to today’s live update. There are currently 790 officially confirmed Croatia COVID-19 cases and 77 new cases since yesterday afternoon. 64 patients have recovered. A sixth person has died. 27 patients are on ventilators. There are 729 active cases.

17:40: Due to the coronavirus situation, measures will not be taken against foreigners prescribed by the Aliens Act, the police said in a statement. (More on Index)

“Due to the current situation caused by the new coronavirus, a certain number of foreigners on a short stay (stay up to a maximum of 90 days for a period of 180 days) are unable to leave the Republic of Croatia for objective reasons within the time limit prescribed by the Schengen Borders Code.”

Croatia’s Tracking of COVID-19 Patients Takes ShapeCroatia’s Tracking of COVID-19 Patients Takes Shape

17:00: Health equipment (protective masks, gowns and goggles) have been sent to Split from a distribution center in Jastrebarsko, which recently arrived in Croatia from China, Split-Dalmatia Prefect Blazenko Boban reported.

“This equipment came from China thanks to the Government of the Republic of Croatia, and today 55,000 surgical masks, 13,400 FS P2 masks, 4,050 surgical robes and 1360 safety glasses were sent to our county,” Boban told Radio Split.

He pointed out that this equipment will be sufficient for the time being and will be distributed primarily to health institutions in the county – Clinical Hospital Center, Ambulance Service, Public Health Institute, Health Center.

“We will leave something for the operating units – the police, the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, firefighters and private concessionaire physicians. County and private pharmacies will get their share,” Boban said.

16:36: There are still no coronavirus cases in one Croatian county. Namely, Virovitica-Podravina County does have any infections. To date, 38 tests have been made, 33 tests have been negative, and five are awaiting results, the County Civil Protection Headquarters reported today, noting that entry into the Virovitica hospital area will be tightened further.

“We are aware that each individual perceives measures differently. The police have their own instruments; they have internal controls. The police here are an institution we can rely on, which also visits the streets and markets and places of public gathering, and when it sees a larger group gathering, the police will give a warning. Not to train rigor, but to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. At this point, six police officers are positive for the coronavirus. No one has to worry about the police complying with the law because it does, and if we find that someone acted contrary to the law, they will be sanctioned,” Bozinovic said.

16:20: Croatian Radio and Television (HRT) posted on its Facebook profile HRT Vijesti on Saturday, March 28, calling for citizens to donate to the Croatian government due to the coronavirus pandemic. They called it “ACTION ‘Croatia against the Coronavirus’”.

Recall that citizens of the Republic of Croatia pay at least HRK 23 billion annually for public health.

16:15: The Faculty of Organization and Informatics of the University of Zagreb (FOI) has joined the action of 3D printing visors for the protection of medical staff, coordinated at the national level by the Croatian Student Union.

16:00: Split-Dalmatia County Headquarters reports that ten new cases of the coronavirus have been reported. Now 91 people are infected in this County.

14:45: Krunoslav Capak explained what would happen if 1000 people came out of self-isolation. You can read more on Index

14:15: Krunoslav Capak justified his statement yesterday that the measures will last until early June.

“I made my personal assessment yesterday about when I think that the measures may be terminated. This may be wrong, the measures may be terminated earlier and maybe later. That was my assessment. That is an assessment of several of us,” said Capak.

“The few of us talking have concluded that the beginning of June is a date when they may have a more favorable picture. This is purely a personal assessment,” Capak said.

“A total of 790 people infected with coronavirus was recorded on Monday in Croatia. 64 people recovered. Six deaths have been recorded. 6404 tests have been conducted.” Read more on

“We have 77 new patients from 1 pm yesterday. There are a total of 790 patients. 6404 tests done. 6 people have died, 27 are on ventilators. 64 have recovered, which is 12 more than yesterday,” Beros said.

14:00: In the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, 37 people are coronavirus-positive, and as of yesterday, one person had contracted the disease, two had recovered and two who were on ventilators were in a stable condition, the press conference revealed.

Gordana Deranja, president of the Croatian Employers Association, critically recalled a few days ago the views of public sector unionist Vilim Ribic regarding the approach to solving the private sector economic problems related to the coronavirus pandemic, and told him that he would not allow 150,000 jobs in the private sector to disappear again.

13:54: Koprivnica-Križevci County Chief of HQ Ratimir Ljubić announced three more cases in the county, bringing the total to six cases. “The news is not good, we have three positive citizens. The number is not small, but the situation is stable. At this moment, 639 are in self-isolation, of which 38 were direct contacts,” said Ljubić.

13:48: The press conference of the National Civil Protection Headquarters is scheduled at 2 pm to provide the latest information on coronavirus in Croatia. Yesterday, 713 people were coronavirus-positive. Six people have died.

13:40: Deutsche Welle journalist Andrea Jung-Grimm wrote about her journey home to Bonn from Istria. Read more on Index

13:16: According to a report from Zagreb County, one baby was born last night in an ambulance outside Mercury Hospital. Read more on Index

13:10: The Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ) has launched a tender worth HRK 14 million to fund research into infectious diseases caused by the coronavirus, as well as research into the social aspects of the pandemic and its impact on the education system.

“In the extraordinary, and for all aspects of society, challenging circumstances caused by the COVID-19 virus, the Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ), as part of its mission, and with funding from the Ministry of Science and Education, supports research groups that can contribute to addressing the biggest research challenges currently facing the global coronavirus pandemic, with the aim of saving lives and preserving the health and well-being of the population in the Republic of Croatia,” the Ministry of Science and Education said in a statement.

13:06: The Diocese of Sisak has donated a respirator worth almost 190,000 kuna to Dr. Ivo Pedisic General Hospital to assist medical staff in the fight against the coronavirus.

13:05: By decision of the Mayor of Rijeka Vojko Obersnel, due to the suspension of kindergarten and primary school teaching, from 16 March 2020, the City of Rijeka exempts parents/guardians from paying for kindergarten services and extended and full-day primary schools for children. Those who do not attend these programs will only pay for the days when children use the service, the city of Rijeka said.

13:04: Croatia Airlines’ entire flight schedule is currently reduced to flights from Zagreb to Frankfurt, Brussels, Amsterdam and London due to the coronavirus pandemic, the airline said.

12:58: Two new cases in Dubrovnik-Neretva County today, bringing the total to 34, announced the County Civil Protection HQ.

12:57: Health officials announced on Sunday that 1,228 coronavirus-infected patients have died in the UK. By Sunday morning, a total of 127,737 people had been tested, 19,522 of whom were coronavirus positive.

12:33: A New York Croat, Aleksandar Bulajic from Pula, spoke to Glas Istre from the focus of the pandemic in the US and briefly described the current state of affairs in the state of New York. Read more on Index

12:23: Vukovar-Srijem County counts one more coronavirus-positive person since yesterday. As of Monday, there are ten in total. The newest case is a doctor who was hospitalized, the County Headquarters reported.

12:18: In Zagreb County, another person is coronavirus-positive, bringing the number to 63, the County announced today.

12:06: In the Krapina-Zagorje County area, five new cases were recorded, bringing the total to 55, the press conference revealed.

11:48: PIK Vinkovci has invited small farmers to apply for the purchase of their products, which will be marketed to Konzum, the company announced.

11:41: There are no new cases in Međimurje County. In Međimurje County, where two positive cases were confirmed last week, all health care facilities are undergoing intensive work, and a new organization has been introduced to separate COVID-19 dispensaries, county officials said Monday.

“Since the latest information received by the Civilian Protection Headquarters of the City of Sinj this morning at 9:00 am regarding the situation regarding the occurrence of new patients in the City of Sinj, In the meantime, new information has been received. hours, and according to the Headquarters, they update through local epidemiologists or other sources as they come from the field, that is, they come from testing institutions.

Therefore, according to the information subsequently provided by the CZ Headquarters of the City of Sinj, from the County Civil Protection Headquarters, a new case of coronavirus emergence was confirmed in the Sinj area, so that the total number of infected currently climbed to four of our fellow citizens. Other information will be notified to the public in a timely manner as this information arrives at the HQ, “Sinja announced on its official website.

11:24: The president of the Croatian Banking Association, Zdenko Adrovic, spoke to HRT about a state guarantee scheme that allows banks to defer repayment of loans to households at risk of a coronavirus epidemic. More on Index.

11:23: There are two new infected people in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, which means that there are 34 cases in total.

11:19: Two Banovina employees are infected in Split. “Two of our colleagues, after mild symptoms of the disease over the weekend, were tested and found positive on COVID-19. I have a duty to inform you about it. Our colleagues are well, I heard from them, and everything in this kind of epidemiology has been undertaken situations may need to be taken. It is possible that some of us will be contacted by the epidemiological service,” Split Mayor Opstara Opara told Dalmacija Danas.

11:15: “According to data available in the Sinj area for the sixth consecutive day, and in fact, seven days after the first cases of infection occurred – there are no new cases. The number of patients still remains on three, and they are stable. They are in daily contact with the area epidemiologist, and the epidemiological situation in the field is actively and promptly monitored. for the life and work of the citizens of the City of Sinj. New information will be provided to the public in a timely manner,” the Sinj headquarters announced in an announcement on the official website of the City. However, about an hour ago, from the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Split-Dalmatia County, they sent a statement stating that there were 10 coronavirus patients in the Split-Dalmatia County: 5 in Solin, 2 in Split, 2 in Dugi Rat and Sinj 1.

10:59: What will travel and tourism look like after the coronavirus pandemic? Some predictions and answers to this question are given by Zoran Pejovic of Paradox Hospitality, a hotel management consulting firm in Split. His thoughts are transmitted by Total Croatia News, which brings news from Croatia in English. Index version. TCN version.

10:50: As confirmed by the Brod-Posavina County Civil Protection Headquarters today, another person has been infected with coronavirus in that county. It is the fourth person in that county.

10:34: In Split-Dalmatia County, there are 10 new cases: Solin 5 Split 2, Dugi Rat 2 and Sinj 1. The general health of the patients is stable. In total, there are currently 81 coronavirus positive people in Split-Dalmatia County; of these, 26 are healthcare professionals. At the moment, a total of 128 health professionals are in self-isolation, the headquarters reported.

10:30: Three more cases have been reported in Istria, the Istria County Civil Protection Headquarters reported.

10:25: Press conference of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County begins. “There were no new cases over the weekend, there is one more this morning. I believe this ban will produce results,” Komadina said. There are a total of 37 cases, 2 people have recovered in the area of PGZ.

“As of Friday, we have 7 newly infected people. Which is a total of 28 at the county level. A hospital in Biograd was disinfected yesterday morning. The National Headquarters sent us equipment, masks, gowns and goggles.”

“878 people are in self-isolation, 784 have expired self-isolation, and as of yesterday, 110 new people in self-isolation. Of the 28 infected, 16 are affiliated with the Biograd Hospital: 6 patients and their contacts and 4 health professionals and their contacts.”

One patient is in the intensive care unit and her condition is difficult. Two doctors are positive in Zadar hospital. In total, 26 doctors and 31 nurses at the Zadar hospital and 4 non-medical staff are in self-isolation.

In the last 24 hours, there were violations of self-isolation measures by 4 persons, 5 detentions and warnings due to people being on the street. 71 people did not have a valid pass and were returned from police checkpoints in the county.

A Zadar pediatrician has been tested twice and is negative, but it must remain in isolation for 14 days.

09:36: A press conference will be held in Varaždin on the functioning of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the City of Varaždin and the implementation of new infection control measures.

09:30: Boris Vujcic: Croatia Will Spend €17 Billion in Reserves in Event of Escalation (TCN Article)

09:27: Mate Rimac comments on the situation at Rimac Automobili during the coronavirus pandemic.  More on Index.

09:00: Pulmonologist Sasa Sric told N1 television that he believes that Croatia will avoid the Italian scenario because in Croatia coronavirus did not enter the health care system as it did in Italy and because our citizens started to respect the stricter measures unlike Italians who still do not respect them today.

“It is certain that the measures will be extended. Maybe until June, as announced by the headquarters. The hardest period is coming over the next three weeks. It is not a time for panic, it is a time for responsibility and caution,” Srić said.

09:00: Today’s press conference will be at 14;00, which will be the new daily time. New numbers will be announced then.

08:20: Epidemiologist Kaić, in an interview on HRT, commented on the arrival of an infected man at a hospital in Pula for examination. He said that, as far as he knows, the man had pneumonia and was therefore sent for X-rays. He adds that it will happen that people come to health facilities without knowing they are infected.He said that, as far as he knows, the man had pneumonia and was therefore sent for X-rays. He adds that it will happen that people come to health facilities without knowing they are infected.He also said that it was not known how contagious those who had no symptoms were, and are infected. “It’s still a mystery,” he said.

07:53: In total, 69 people have been infected in Istria and two have died. As of yesterday, Istria has its first recovery – rumoured to be a man from Labin. Momjan and Nova Vas, each with one case, are new Istrian sites on the coronavirus infected map since yesterday, reports Glas Istre.

07:48: Krapina-Zagorje County Civil Protection Headquarters announced that it will publish new data on the situation in the county at 11 am.

07:39: Police Chief Nikola Milina told HRT this morning that five police officers have been infected so far, 104 are in isolation. He added that 35 of them have come out of self-isolation.

07:15: Mate Rimac posted on his Facebook profile that Xiangyang is sending 20,000 masks to the Croatian Red Cross.

07:10: We are delighted to welcome back Joe Orovic to TCN. Currently living on the island of Iz but with roots in New York, Joe’s first piece since his return is a must-read - Did I Just Recover From The Coronavirus?

07:07: There is now an official Koronavirus YouTube channel, where you can see yesterday’s press conference.

07:00: Welcome to tdoay’s live updates on the COVID-19 situation in Croatia. We start the day with official numbers of 713 cases (Index is reporting 715), 6 fatalities, 52 recoveries, with 26 patients on respirators. The new numbers are expected at the press conference at 14:00.

21:18: Numerous citizens across Croatia have responded to calls from social networks to go out to windows and balconies at 8pm and to sing and play the song “My Homeland” in honor of all services dealing with coronavirus and earthquake.

21:00: A man from the Vukovar area who returned from abroad a week ago has tested positive for coronavirus, the Vukovar-Srijem County Civil Protection Headquarters reported.

They state that the sick person is feeling well, has mild symptoms, has been in self-isolation and has not been in contact with other persons for the past week.

Epidemiological processing is ongoing and due to mild symptoms, the person remains in isolation, according to the headquarters, adding that he is the ninth person to be infected with a coronavirus in Vukovar-Srijem County.

20:12: A charter jet departed for Istanbul from Zagreb on 9 March. It carried 167 passengers from all over Croatia.

Passengers returned a week later, March 16, on a combined flight from Antalya to Zagreb. A few days later, it appeared that a portion of the passengers were infected with the coronavirus, More from 24 Sata.

19:52: “There are no newly infected persons in the area of ​​Split-Dalmatia County since the 6 newly infected coronaviruses in the rest of the day. A total of 71 people are positive for coronavirus in Split-Dalmatia County: Split, 52, Solin 5, Kastela 3, Sinj 3, Podstrana 3, Vrlika 1, Hvar 1, Dugi Rat 1, Brela 1 and Hrvaca 1 “, Split Headquarters reported.

19:42: HZJZ Director Krunoslav Capak said he expects the coronavirus situation could calm down in early June. More on Index.

18:59: Another person in Istria is coronavirus positive and hospitalized at Pula General Hospital so that a total of 70 people are infected with the virus in the Istrian peninsula, the County Civil Protection Headquarters reported tonight.

According to the data from the County Civil Protection Headquarters, 12 more swab samples were sent to the Dr. Fran Mihaljević Clinic for Infectious Diseases from the Istrian County on Sunday.

Meanwhile, as the director of the General Hospital Dr. Irena Hrstic confirmed on Sunday morning that one of the first infected people in Istria to be hospitalized at the Infectious Diseases Unit has been cured.

18:42: Three new cases of coronavirus have been identified in Karlovac County today – two were reported earlier by the County Civil Protection Headquarters, and a third case was confirmed in the evening.

Earlier, it was officially reported that 15 Ogulin medical staff were in self-isolation because of contact with a sick nurse, and Headquarters spokeswoman Ivana Rumenovic Novinic told Hina that eleven tested medics who were in direct contact were tested and none have been infected.

“It is important to note that of the three newly ill people, two had close contact with the already ill, one was outside Croatia and that all three had been in self-isolation before,” she said.

In Karlovac County there are 22 infected persons: 17 from Karlovac, three from Ogulin, one from Duga Resa and one deceased patient is from Karlovac

17:50: Croatian winemakers from Međimurje will be able to reach their vineyards in Hungary, despite measures taken by the country at the border due to the coronavirus epidemic, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjato announced on Sunday.

He agreed on a cross-border crossing with his Croatian counterpart Gordan Grlic Radman, reports Hungarian news agency MTI.

17:01: Mirko Sardelic PhD Interview: History of Pandemics: Lessons to Apply to Corona Crisis (TCN article)

16:47: What does quarantine life in Madrid look like? Index spoke to a 32-year-old Rijeka native who has lived in the Spanish capital for eight years. Read more on Index

16:29: The air in Croatia is of very poor quality. The Department of Public Health warns: Don’t be outside.

The air quality in Croatia is still very poor quality and the concentrations of particulate matter are in a slight decline. The Public Health Institute “Dr. Andrija Štampar” continues to recommend that citizens avoid all physical activity outdoors.”

“After increasing PM10 levels in Zagreb, Osijek, Sisak, Kopački rit and Zoljan near Našice were observed on Friday, March 27, their observed air concentrations today are in a slight decline. Increased PM10 concentrations in the air are the result of desert sand from the Karakum Desert in Central Asia,” reported Dr. Andrija Štampar.

16:03: Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic Alemka Markotic said that anyone on a ventilator has a severe form of the disease, and most of them may be critical. It is mainly related to the elderly, so once again, she warned that the elderly and chronic patients stay safe.

Markotic noted that compared to a few weeks ago, the number of people tested had increased several times, and announced that a new 15-minute rapid test, which had been applied in several European countries, would be tested soon.

If successful, it will be additional testing assistance, and additional infrastructure will be mobilized for more testing, she said.

“I received an email today that we would be able to get about 10 tests to see if they were of good quality. That would be additional help with our diagnostics,” she said.

15:54: The Croatian Employers Association has issued a statement calling for new measures to save the economy. You can read more on Index

15:40: Six new cases have been confirmed in Zadar County today, totaling 27 cases so far, according to the County Civil Protection Headquarters.

15:20: A China Eastern Airlines flight from Shanghai has landed with the arrival of 12.5 tons of medical equipment needed to fight the COVID-19 virus.

This is the first flight to arrive from China with equipment needed by the healthcare system and all services.

With the arrival of 10 tons of protective gear on the flight from Shanghai to Frankfurt last night, 20 tons of protective masks, protective suits and goggles were provided. The equipment will be transported from Frankfurt to Croatia today.

14:56: Two new cases have been identified on the island of Murter, where the number of infected has risen to 17, with a total of 24 people in Šibenik-Knin County.

14:47: In Vukovar-Srijem County, another person tested positive for Covid-19, so now there are eight in total, the County Civil Protection HQ reported on Sunday.

The Headquarters state that the man was from the Nuštar area near Vinkovci. In addition to his positive test, five negative findings came from KBC Osijek, where tests were conducted.

14:42: A total of 13 citizens have tested positive in Velika Gorica, with more than 200 people in self-isolation. The city again urges its fellow citizens to comply with the prescribed measures.

14:30: The official website now has a detailed report in English on the main events of the day. Read more on TCN

14:00: Currently, a total of 713 coronavirus-positive people have been confirmed in Croatia and 52 have been cured. So far, six people have died, the Croatian Civil Protection HQ confirmed at a press conference.

The National Civil Defense Headquarters press conference began at 2 pm. There is only one public address scheduled today.

“As of yesterday at 3 pm, according to the latest data, 713 people are infected in Croatia, there are 56 new cases, and 5900 tests were performed.

The death toll is 6. A man at the Dubrava Clinical Hospital passed away this morning. Otherwise, he was in poor condition, which was further complicated by Covid-19.

The current situation is satisfactory due to the work of the HQ, but also the responsible behavior of citizens,” Beros added.

A plane is expected to land from Shanghai to Zagreb with equipment at 2:20 pm, Beros said. It carries 13 tons of protective gear.

“All those who are on ventilators have a severe form of the disease, most of them can be critical,” said Alemka Markotic.

Krunoslav Capak explained that specialized shops could be opened only in the closed part of the markets, by anyone who can meet the hygienic conditions.

Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said the National Headquarters is now making decisions that county headquarters must implement.

He said that the critical point was the earthquake in Zagreb because a large number of citizens left the city, and some of the citizens went outside Zagreb, some of which went to the coast where health facilities are weak in winter. He said that’s why the ban on movement was enacted.

“Of course, it does not occur to anyone to restrict human rights. But people are increasingly aware that this is an extraordinary and extreme situation,” Bozinovic said.

Bozinovic said that the coronavirus was confirmed last night in security guards at a prison in Split, and that some of the people in contact were in isolation. The situation is under control.

Bozinovic said that 99 police officers are in isolation at the moment and that four police officers are infected.

“At the moment, 99 of them are in self-isolation, 25 have already come out of self-isolation, and four have tested positive.”

13:12: In Dubrovnik-Neretva County, one new case was confirmed. It is the wife of a man who tested positive yesterday. That county currently has a total of 32 cases.

12:56: The Osijek-Baranja County HQ announced that in the last 24 hours, three new cases were recorded, while the total number of patients in that county is now 44. There are 13 patients in KBC Osijek, four of whom are on a ventilator, but their condition is stable. There is one person at the hospital in Nasice.

12:49: Two other people in the Zagreb County have tested positive for the coronavirus, bringing the total to 62, the County Civil Protection Headquarters reported Sunday.

Citizens are urged to follow the instructions of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia, because only by responsible behavior can we reduce the spread of coronavirus infection. Everyone must be aware of the responsibility for their own health, the health of their families and their fellow citizens.

12:29: In the last 24 hours, another coronavirus infection was confirmed in Varaždin County, as well as another recovery, and the number of currently hospitalized patients is still 17, according to the County Civil Protection Headquarters.

Chief Robert Vugrin reported that a new case had been confirmed in Varaždin County in the last 24 hours, and the total number of patients is now 22.

“We have also confirmed a new case of recovery, bringing the total number of recovery patients to five. There are 17 people undergoing treatment at Varaždin General Hospital,” said Vugrin.

So far, a total of 275 people have been tested in Varaždin County, 44 of which have been tested in the last 24 hours, and there are 2340 under self-isolation, the statement said, adding that in the past 24 hours, the Varaždin Police Department has recorded 4 cases of violating self-isolation measures and 69 cases of movement without a valid pass.

A total of 71 people are coronavirus-positive in Split-Dalmatia County, including 21 healthcare professionals.

“There are six new patients compared to Saturday afternoon, a total of 71 people have tested positive, of which 21 are health workers,” said Dr. Željka Karin, director of the Public Health Institution of Split-Dalmatia County.

“When in doubt, I urge everyone not to rush to the doctor’s office immediately, but always call their doctor who will decide on the next steps. If there is a suspected infection, the person should report to the hospital on Mertojak,” Karin said.

“In Split, 24 people are hospitalized, three are on ventilators, one is in a serious clinical condition, but all three are life-threatening. Others have mild or moderate symptoms,” said Dr. Julije Meštrović, director of KBC Split.

11:57: A correctional officer from Split has tested positive, Slobodna Dalmacija reported in its print edition. His wife, who works at the Split County Court, was previously confirmed to be infected. Three prisoners from the Split jail were transferred to Zagreb’s Remetinec on Friday night after a hunger strike over conditions in prison before a correctional officer was known to have coronavirus.

10:06: 10:06 The Vukovar-Srijem headquarters has confirmed a new infection case in that county. The number of infected people in Vukovar-Srijem County has increased to seven.

09:20: Croatian Scientist Ivan Đikić on Coronavirus: We’re Entering Most Critical PhaseIvan Đikić on Coronavirus: We’re Entering Most Critical Phase

09:15: The Split-Dalmatia County Civil Protection Headquarters has scheduled a press conference for noon.

08:05: The regular press conference of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, which is normally held twice a day, at 9am and 4pm, is scheduled today for 2pm.

08:00: Welcome to the live updates on March 29, 2020. We start the day with 657 cases, 5 fatalities and 49 recovered.

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